80% of companies do not know or cannot digitize

Whether due to ignorance or economic factors, the data indicates that almost 80% of businesses are not prepared to continue operating in the face of a new wave of COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, the amount of SMEs planning to digitize their business was barely 13%.

In large companies, this percentage was much higher, 45%. But everything has changed in recent months, so much so that since May 2020 to now more businesses have been digitized than in the last five years.

Main obstacles:

Ignorance: 68% claim this reason. This is especially true in traditional and senior-run businesses.

Economic factors: This is perhaps the most disturbing fact. The crisis has shrunk everyone’s pockets, so the margin to invest is very small. Despite this, most entrepreneurs admit that the survival of their businesses depends on digitization.

Distrust of suppliers: Finding a reliable supplier is not easy. It must be taken into account that the digital transformation of your business must be carried out by professionals and therefore it is necessary to verify that whoever offers these services has knowledge, experience and professional ethics.


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