Organic content on instagram is dying

The algorithm has just changed and somewhat organic content on Facebook and instagram is dying.

The following graph shows how many of your followers receive your content en Facebook…

As you can see, every year organic content becomes less profitable. So what should we do? Well… the typical response is usually: «we need to increase our engagement» or rather «we should ask our followers to give us more likes or encourage them to leave comments». But… does this really fix the problem?

The truth is that in the short term, greater engagement may help you cushion this effect, but the answer is NO! You can’t go against the algorithm!

This trend is going to continue, so it is time to accept it and start changing our strategy.

For a long time both Facebook and Instagram have been allowing us to reach our audiences for free, but it is time to start investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads. Furthermore, what these changes to the algorithm tell us is that whoever does change will be left behind.

And the question now is… Should I continue to keep my profile updated? Should I continue to worry about the presence of my business in my social networks?

And the answer is YES! Of course yes! Without a clean profile, it would be difficult to close sales once the ads pay off. The difference is that now the aesthetics of your profile and your organic content will no longer be your main way of reaching people, but it will be what you are going to transmit to your audiences once they reach you. But from now on, your way of reaching your new customers is going to be advertising through Instagram and Facebook ads managed through Facebook Ads.

But be careful!

More and more people are doing these ads and in better and better ways, so the competition is wide…

Knowing if you are ready to start investing is very simple: When you are going to launch an ad, what is the first step?

If your answer was to touch the typical blue button bellow your post, let me tell you that you have already lost 80% of your investment and urgently need advice.

Starting from this problem, we are willing to give you this advice at no cost to you and without any commitment. It is only to help and inform you!

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