Key factors to grow your eCommerce

We all know that the COVID pandemic has forever changed eCommerce globally, but do we know the magnitude of this knowledge and how to squeeze it?

People used to buy for convenience, during the pandemic they did it out of necessity and in the future they will do it by choice. The so-called «digital revolution» that was strengthened in this 2020 and that due to cybersecurity issues, has put thousands of companies at risk.

Consumers will continue to increase their online purchases. No doubt this will have a very positive impact on the entire industry, where more companies will turn to the online channel, encouraged by the increase in demand and more brands will invest in digital, as a result of changes in consumer habits.

In such a dynamic scenario, you have to keep up, to get noticed and attract customers. Therefore, take into account these 3 emerging trends that will allow a better development of your business bets.

Creating a website and selling is not that easy.

1. Personalization: Create personalized experiences! E-commerce does not include a seller as in traditional commerce to make recommendations based on customer feedback, this does not mean that the experience can not be adjusted to the customer.

2. Technology to «convert more»: technological development is key and that brands can convert more visits into purchases, For this it is key to take into account how the consumption habits of customers have changed and thus offer advertising formats focused on online shopping, allowing quick, simple and intuitive access to the products and / or services that brands offer in their digital channels.

3. The Mobile experience matters more than ever: the mobile device is chosen at all stages of online shopping, not only in navigation, but also in the purchase. In the country, 49% of purchases made online are made by cell phones, followed by the laptop, with 30%. Improvements in user experience, changes in consumer habits, and the increasing willingness of content creators to recognize, and embrace, the implications of these trends, mean that e-commerce is really being thought out for it.

Consumers are increasingly demanding more, which means that demand must be professionalized to grow. Staying ahead of trends and leveraging the latest technologies can help companies looking to develop their online channel drive sales, attract new customers, and increase market share.

How to recreate a memorable and unique experience?

Through dynamic content, product recommendations, and targeted offers based on browsing behavior, past actions, past purchase history, customer demographics, and other enriched personal data.

Beyond the importance of putting into practice the recommendations, not failing in the attempt and enduring to position products and services with a high human capital, the latter indispensable today and little received, where many entrepreneurs thinking about making money and saving costs end up affecting the emotional and labor stability of employees.

Advantages of e-commerce in companies

A- Generate loyalty with customers. There are not many companies that offer a good e-shopping experience, there are even still thousands that do not have an online presence. This is an opportunity to get Your customers to enjoy that experience, through offering them a wide catalog of products, good prices and ease of use of the platforms, as well as the various payment options mainly.

B- Ease of delivery of products: someusers consider that a risk of Internet purchases is that the merchandise does not arrive well or on time, but there are more and more logistics companies that offer fast, efficient and safe delivery services, with affordable prices.

C- Greater audience reach: when buyingand selling online, the products are available to everyone from anywhere and at any time 365 days a year. In addition, on the Internet there are more than 350 million active users, that is, it has a much larger audience than those who could transit through a physical store.

D- Attention and Guarantee:e-commerce sites know the importance of customer service and know that in most cases until they see or touch a product is how the final purchase decision is made, so it has a chat to advise during the choice of the product. If a customer is satisfied with their experience of buying the product, they will surely return to the site and make their recommendation.

Consumers have moved to the online channel and the habit won’t go away when the pandemic is over. This will imply for companies a growth in sales.

E- Greater participation in the customer portfolio: orthe result of the benefits that companies receive when selling online, is that they generate greater participation in the customer portfolio, since 50% of users research products on the Internet before looking for them in the physical store, so it is important for any company to create links and interaction with the consumer through the internet, as it is a relevant part in your purchase process.

F- Security for the seller and the buyer: oneof the main reasons why Internet users still do not dare to buy online, is due to ignorance and / or distrust in the use of online payment systems. If users have the security of making online purchases with their credit card, sales therefore increase, as customers can enjoy great benefits such as sales and / or payment facilities.